Stations are a great choice if you would like a more casual, cocktail party-like atmosphere at your event! Guests are encouraged to move around and try a variety of foods on small plates. The food service lasts over a more extended period of time, and many different activities such as dancing and mingling can be occurring while food is available.

Prices are per person based on 50 people, minimum.

Each station includes a chef. Activity station setup fee is $150/station.

Scone Bar $4.00 ($6.99 - 8 inch)

Scone Fry Bread - Served with honey, butter, powdered sugar, cinnamon sugar, chocolate, caramel and strawberries.

Navajo Tacos $10.00 (8 inch)

Fry Bread - Served with Ground beef, pinto beans, shredded lettuce, thousand island, ranch, cheddar cheese, salsa, sour cream, diced tomatoes, and black olives.

French Fries $4.00

French Fries made to order. Pick one variety for your group. Original crispy, Steak Fries, or Sweet Potato.

Potato Chip Bar $4.00

Potato or Tortilla Chips made to order.